Get fully pointed Hebrew texts on your BlackBerry with Hebrew in Hand!
Learn the Hebrew keyboard! Then, use our built-in text editor to type your own mixed-language text and publish to PDF. With this free service, you can create a PDF document with English and Hebrew text, including Hebrew vowels (nikud), and save the PDF document on your own computer. And with built-in virtual keyboards for Russian, Greek, French, Spanish, Yiddish, and more, you don't need to install any fonts or software to use our multilingual editor.
Quick Start Instructions
  • Click "yes" if you see a security prompt as Java applet loads below
  • On Set-up Screen, select keyboard which best matches your own
Click: Learn Hebrew KeyboardorEdit Text / Create PDF
  • Select level (1-5) and click "GO"
  • To stop, click red octagon
  • To pause, press "enter" or "return"
  • Type text
  • Checkbox switches virtual keyboard on/off
  • Click "Create PDF" to save work as PDF
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  • Send us your comments or questions (opens a new window)
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