The Hanukkah House TM

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The Hanukkah House is a demonstration project integrating computers and Jewish learning in a play-like setting.  The Hanukkah House reinforces Hebrew vocabulary through the creation of a Hanukkah scene.


How to Play

After the Java program loads, you start with an empty room and a list of Hebrew words on the right.
Add objects by dragging Hebrew words into the room.  (Dragging means clicking and holding the mouse button while moving the mouse.)  As you drag an object, the word for it is highlighted.
Move an object around in the room by dragging it.  Remove an object by dragging out of the room.  When you drag an object, it moves to the front of the scene.
 NOTE:  If the colors appear dull or speckled, try changing the number of colors on your display.  The Java implementation in some browsers alters colors when the display is set to 256 colors, some alter the colors when the display is not set to 256 colors, and some work correctly all the time.  (See your computer manual for how to change the number of display colors.)


That's all there is to it!  Click to play The Hanukkah House -- and have fun!

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