How to Use Hebrew for ME Applets

Go to the Hebrew for ME home page at

Under the Hebrew for ME header, you will see a column of small pictures.   Click on one of these small pictures to select an activity.  Wherever you go, every Hebrew for ME applet uses the same software, so they all work in the same way.  

When the applet first starts, it displays a welcome screen with instructions and a "progress bar" graphic showing it loading.  Loading may take half a minute or longer, depending on your connection speed).  After the applet loads, the display will change.  On the right-hand side, you will see, from top to bottom: the Hebrew for ME logo button; an eraser; a list of Hebrew words; and a "splash button."  The rest of the screen is the canvas for creating a picture; what you see there will be different for each Hebrew for ME applet. 

To create a picture, click on any Hebrew word and, with the mouse button down, drag over to the canvas.  An image will appear corresponding to the word you clicked on.  You can move the image anywhere on the canvas, or get rid of it by dragging it back into the words area and dropping it there.  Drag out other images to complete your picture.  To get rid of all the images on the canvas and start over, click on the eraser. 

Clicking on the splash button will reveal a new image in the canvas area and a message in place of the eraser and word list.   (This new image and message will be different for each Hebrew for ME applet.)  Click on the splash button again to see your picture and the word list again.