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Hebrew for ME  is entirely produced by ZigZag, Inc., an e-learning software company.  At ZigZag, Inc. our product focus is language learning, and we have a special interest in non-Latin script languages, such as Hebrew.  Since opening the ZigZagWorld web site in 1996, we have been helping people who want to use the Internet to study Hebrew. 
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A Healthy Breakfast Waking up, I hear you say
I want
A Healthy Breakfast
A Hebrew Class A Hebrew Class
now meets here
Come and learn
Throughout the year.

A Picnic with Friends Join us for
A Picnic with Friends
The weather is fair, and everyone is there!

Around the House It's lots of fun
to move the furniture
Around the House
from FoundationStone

At the Restaurant At the Restaurant
The table is set
For you to enjoy
The best meal yet!

Avram and Sarai Avram & Sarai
Obey the command
To leave their home
For a new land.

In My Succah The moon is full,
The stars shine bright,
In My Succah
All through the night.

It Was Good It Was Good
This world so fair
With thanks I would
Offer a prayer.

Learn the Luach Learn the Luach
Here's the way
Just find a symbol
For for each special day.

Number Star You can be a
Number Star
Solved the puzzle?
Now you are!

Pharaoh Sees the Ten Plagues Tell your children
the Passover story as
Pharaoh Sees the Ten Plagues

Purim Word Find Stretch your mind
with this
Purim Word Find

>Read the Torah Turn it and turn it
And turn it again
Read the Torah
from beginning to end.

Seder Plate Will you prepare the
Seder Plate
with special foods
for Passover night?

Shopping for Shabbat We're all going
Shopping for Shabbat
Come along and
see what we've got!

The Hebrew Vowels Sitting above,
To the left, or below,
The Hebrew Vowels
Where do they go?

What do I Wear? If it's cloudy or fair
What do I Wear?
Help me to dress,
Says little bear.

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