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ORT: Navigating the Bible provides the complete text of the Torah (Five Books of Moses), along with selected haftarot (weekly readings from the prophets), and complete sound files for cantillation.  The text is shown both as it would appear in the scroll, and as it is usually printed with vowels and cantillation marks for study. The text is in image format, so no Hebrew fonts or special browser settings are needed to use this site.

snunit: The complete text of the Tanach (no vowels) ("Tanach" is the Hebrew acronym for "Torah, prophets and writings"), in "visual Hebrew" text.  The site also includes links for the Hebrew text with "full" (maleh) spelling and for the Onkelos targum.  This is an Israeli site, and is completely in Hebrew.  Hebrew fonts are required to view the pages, which will show properly on a PC (Windows/MSIE 4, Windows/Netscape 4, or Linux/mozilla 0.9.2, or later), or Mac (Netscape 4 or later).  There is now a search feature which lets you search for occurrences of words or phrases in the Tanach.  To use this feature, you must have Hebrew support for typing on your computer.  It works very well for Windows/MSIE 5 or later.  For Windows/Netscape 6 or Mac/Netscape 6, or later, Hebrew typing displays left-to-right, but is interpreted correctly by the search. 

mechon-mamre: The complete text of the Tanach (with vowels), and the Tanach (with vowels and cantillation marks) in "logical Hebrew" text.  A special Unicode font is required to properly view the text with cantillation marks.  This is an Israeli site, and is completely in Hebrew. These pages can only be displayed properly on a Windows PC with MSIE 5 or later.  You can search the text from this search engine page if you have Hebrew support for typing.  If you do not have support for Hebrew typing, search using this Javascript search page.

fourmilab: The full Hebrew Bible (no vowels), in specially coded "visual Hebrew" text.  May not work on every browser. 

rosetta project: A very unusual project which is creating a 1000 language archive for linguistic research and endangered language preservation.  As part of the record for each language, the archive provides a translation of the first few chapters of Genesis.  Hebrew, of course, is included.

levsoftware: Type in the verse number, and see the verse in Hebrew

Visual & Logical Hebrew: There are two ways to encode Hebrew text on web pages.  The older way is called "visual Hebrew," because it lays out the text backwards (left to right), using spacing and formatting tricks so that the page "looks right."  The newer way is called "logical Hebrew," because it treats the Hebrew text as a character stream that is laid out dynamically according to the "proper rules" for the Hebrew language. 
We would like to hear them all.  We make every effort to answer you within a few days.  Please note that we do not have the resources to respond to requests for translations.

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