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morim.com: A table of the alef-bet, sound files for each letter, and a printable page for cursive handwriting practice.

foundationstone: A table of the alef-bet, with numerical values for each letter, and suggested exercises for practice.  Also a table of the vowels.

NJOP: A table of the alef-bet and vowels with sound files for each letter and vowel.

akhlah: A table of the alef-bet with sound files for each letter, along with printable coloring pages and flash cards for youngsters.

Judaism 101: Tables of the alef-bet, vowels, and assorted facts about Hebrew.

safrus.com: The special Hebrew letter forms for writing a Torah scroll.

newSLATE: Online quizzes on the alef-bet.  Sign up for a free account.

zigzagworld: After you have mastered the alef-bet, challenge yourself with our fast-paced arcade-style game, AlefBetGo!  The game is very difficult. High Scores are posted to the AlefBetGo!  High Scores page.

We would like to hear them all.  We make every effort to answer you within a few days.  Please note that we do not have the resources to respond to requests for translations.

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