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What is City Wall?

City Wall answers many commonly asked questions about learning and using Hebrew on the Internet, for Bible or modern language study, and more.  This information was compiled based on inquiries we have received from people around the world since we opened City Wall in 1998.  If you are studying Hebrew, please also try newSLATE, our online study tool with built-in Hebrew support.

    In crystalline dawn
    I will collect
    A reflection of your day
    The early riser
       on the
          city wall
from Jerusalem, by David Rokeach
City Wall is entirely produced by ZigZag, Inc., an e-learning software company.  At ZigZag, Inc. our product focus is language learning, and we have a special interest in non-Latin script languages, such as Hebrew.  Since opening the ZigZagWorld web site in 1996, we have been helping people who want to use the Internet to study Hebrew. 

Where can I find the Hebrew alef-bet online?

Where can I learn Hebrew online?

Where can I take a Hebrew class?

Where can I find an online Hebrew Bible?

What does the Hebrew name ··· mean?

How can I see Hebrew web pages?

How can I type in Hebrew on my computer?

Where can I get free Hebrew fonts?

Where do I find an online Hebrew dictionary?

How do college Hebrew courses use the web?

How do I say ··· ?

So what about Yiddish?

Where can I learn about the history of Hebrew?

We would like to hear them all.  We make every effort to answer you within a few days.  Please note that we do not have the resources to respond to requests for translations.  See the link for "How do I say ··· ?" on this page.

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